The small path “Viola” in the sense of small street, which connected the old village (today Riccione country) to the sea, the ‘October 11, 1912 called Viale Maria Ceccarini in homage to the historical benefactor of the “green pearl” Riccione.

Over the years it was enlarged and gravel making it passable even by pedestrians with the construction of sidewalks and later planted with 110 pine trees, some of which still shade the avenue.

Stands before the hospital in Riccione Ceccarini (Ceccarini Hospital) and down to the sea and get that in the heart of the city: the living room of Viale Ceccarini the goal “in” where in the ’30s saw the passage of historical figures such as Benito Mussolini (where he found a summer residence).

In the 50 Ceccarini continues to be the capital of worldliness, hosting celebrities hour in vogue, such as Gina Lollobrigida, Domenico Modugno, The Platters, Mal, Massimo Ranieri and other late-night and then access to exclusive local dance.

Even today we can say that the goal is Ceccarini prestigious and known all over the world with its exclusive shops, bars and restaurants.